Pretty Jewelry

The first pieces of jewelry I made where for two good friends (Sarah and leshawn) when I was moving away from Ohio in the mid-90s. I made the three of us matching earrings as mementos. I didn't know anything at all jewelry design and craft. I used ear wires from old earrings I had, beads from a dress, and regular thread. 

 A few years later, I took my first class at a Michael's craft store. We made simple, beaded bracelets. It was fun and I soon became an ardent crafter, learning a few more techniques like wire wrapping. All my efforts were focused on beaded jewelry. I soon found that my desire to create outstripped my opportunities to wear and gift the items, so I started Kestrel Creations to sell at a few small events. ( was taken so I had been This lasted a few years. My efforts to sell were minimal, I never developed the website, and after a few years with no real revenue, I let the effort lapse and pursued other crafts. 

 Then, I discovered chainmail jewelry and fell in love! I had picked up the book Chained by Rebecca Mojica. The designs were beautiful. Soon, I was buying lots of rings from her site (the now closed Blue Buddha Boutique), the Ring Lord (my current main supplier), and wherever I saw cool rings or metal wire.  I followed a number of her patterns, building my skills and learning new techniques.  Again, I found my urge to create outstripping my ability to wear and my circle of family and friends.

A number of my pieces use her patterns (with approval to sell items based on them), and I soon began making my own designs.

Currently, I have a booth at about 4-6 events per year.  I sell through this site, will be opening an Etsy store soon, and am happy to work with people to create custom pieces for their wedding jewelry, bridesmaid favors, indulgences, and gifts. If you like the style of a piece, but want some variation of color or weave, I'm happy to customize for you.