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New Fashion Trends: Sneakers

While not strictly new, the fascination and cultural obsession with sneakers was new to me.

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Kent Holiday Craft Market – This Week!

The City of Kent’s Holiday Craft Market held at the Kent Senior Center always has a special place in my heart. It was the first show Mythic Treasure attended. The attendees are great, so interested in talking about ideas and designs. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

My chainmail jewelry draws interest. Some folks love it, others might be seeing chainmail in person for the first time.

To honor folks at every budget, I make sure that I’ve earrings in the $10 range (hand shaped wirework and simpler chainmail pieces), as well as premium offerings like my infinity earrings.  This year, I am adding some cute, simple pieces with Christmas charms at $5 each.

My bath products are priced to please at $5 each or 3 / $10.  I’m adding Strawberry Guava as a new bath salt scent–please feel free to give me your feedback.