Surf Soap


Fresh mango lime scent in a pure, olive-oil soap.

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Lovely, translucent bar smells wonderfully like the ocean on a sandy beach. Stand in your shower, but be taken to the surf on a sunny day!  Great lather.

3 ounces.  (Handmade and hand cut soaps like mine have some variation on weight.)

Why 3 ounces? Three ounce bars ensure it’ll last for a fair amount of time, but you’ll have more opportunities to change up your scents than you would purchasing jumbo bars that last forever but lose interest and scent long before they’re gone.)

Always freshly made within the last few weeks.  Fresh soap smells and performs better than bars that have been hanging around for months.  I want you to be delighted with your purchase.

For the remainder of September, I’m donating 100% of my sales of my handmade soaps and bath salts to charity via eBay’s programs.

Handmade by Gwendolyn Kestrel in Kent, Washington. Seen at various Conventions and Craft Fairs as Mythic Treasure.